Neck break? Not with these neck braces!

There are many divided minds on the subject of neck protection. Some swear by the additional protection of a neck brace and others feel restricted in their freedom of movement. Nevertheless, there is hardly a more serious injury than a broken neck. Therefore we have compared two models for the neck brace fans among you.

Ortema ONB

The Neckbrace developed by the German manufacturer Ortema is our performance winner. The ONB sits very comfortably on the shoulders and can be worn without back protector due to its construction. The horseshoe shaped back distributes the force evenly over the shoulder blades instead of the spine. The Ortema ONB is made of unbreakable high-performance plastic and withstands even hard impacts. The head is less inclined in a fall and therefore the neck can be effectively protected from injury. The Ortema ONB weighs just 420 grams and does not restrict freedom of movement at all.

When you buy the Ortema ONB, you also get a voucher for the neck brace adjustment. This means that an employee at Ortema headquarters will adjust the neck brace perfectly to your body.

Leatt DBX 5.5

The Leatt company is an old hand in the business of Neckbraces. Nevertheless the design looks modern and well thought out. The high quality processed glass fibre reinforced polyamide housing remains stiff even in case of a hard impact. With insertable rubber pads, adjustment rubbers and adjustable inclination angles, the Leatt can be adjusted very well to the personal body measurements. The platform design has also been changed in favour of greater freedom of movement. All in all, the Leatt DBX 5.5 forms a round package and with a price of just under 320€ is affordable for every normal earner. We recommend that you always wear a back protector when using the Leatt DBX 5.5, as otherwise you may injure your spine.

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