Knight’s armor or light protector jacket? Safety jackets in comparison

Upper body protectors are more than useful. In most cases you fall on your upper body and this can cause serious injuries. The most effective protector jackets are those that protect the back, stomach and arms. The disadvantage is that they are poorly ventilated and sometimes restrict freedom of movement. Light upper body protectors usually only protect the back and abdomen. They are also flatter and hardly noticeable under the jersey. The protective effect suffers from this. Therefore we compare 3 protector jackets and 3 light upper body protectors.

Purchase tip: Fox Titan

The name Titan is not just a loose brand name, but a brute concept. The protector jacket has a solid appearance and gives a secure feeling at first sight. The solid plastic plates cover all important areas such as shoulders, upper arms, forearms, elbows, chest and the complete back. Should you not dare to jump, you can forget your worries. The Fox Titan protects very effectively against rough injuries and scratches. Several velcro straps ensure that the protectors are in the right place even in an emergency. Despite its cumbersome appearance, the jacket is very comfortable to wear and does not restrict in any way. Under the jersey the lifesaver is clearly visible, but you are prepared for this in all situations. Furthermore, the back protector can be removed and used independently. Awesome! On warm days in the bike park you should take a break or two to cool down your body from the warm jacket. The good workmanship and reasonable price make the Fox Titan protector jacket a real tip!

Troy Lee Designs UPS 7855 HW

The Troy Lee Design UPS 7855 HW does not necessarily have to be called Troy Lee Design UPS 7855 HW. Much more important is the performance the protector can provide. Likewise one does without plastic plates here and relies instead on foam pads. Thus the jacket is very light and relatively well ventilated. What we immediately notice is that the jacket has no zippers and makes it difficult to take it off after a long day. The wearing comfort is good and the freedom of movement is not restricted in any way. The partially removable foam pads are unfortunately not the best. You are protected from scratches and minor injuries, but in case of a severe accident you can still break your bones. Only a plastic protector could help this. The elbow protectors are reinforced in your favour. In conclusion, the Troy Lee Designs UPS 7855 HW is a light jacket for enduro and downhill riders, but if you want better protection, you should go for the Fox Titan.

Leatt 3DF AirFit Lite

The Leatt 3DF AirFit Lite protector vest is the perfect upper body protector for the confident riders among you. The 3DF foam inside the pads is very similar to the D30 foam: in normal conditions it is flexible, but on impact the foam hardens abruptly to provide protection. This works very well, because the light and thin vest is very comfortable to wear and does not disturb. Even under the jersey it is difficult to see. In the event of an impact, it provides very effective protection and protects the rider from moderate injuries. Broken bones cannot be prevented. At the chest and the wide back the foam is extra reinforced. Due to the continuous zipper the vest can be put on and off easily. The pads can be removed and washed by hand. For us, the Leatt 3DF AirFit Lite protector vest is the perfect combination of a light protector vest and efficient protection.

O’Neal Underdog

O’Neal comes with the Underdog protector jacket similarly brachial as the FOX Titan therefore. At the shoulders, elbows and forearms are found plastic protectors. In the chest and back area, the IPX material developed by O’Neal is used. In the event of an impact, the foam hardens and provides an improved protective function. Otherwise, the IPX material remains soft to ensure comfortable wearing. The fit of the O’Neal Underdog protector jacket is good and on the shoulders and arms are stretch straps to adjust the jacket to your own body. Ventilation is very good for a protector jacket of this type. The protectors are air permeable and the cooler air can be felt on the skin. The area of application is clearly on downhill and freeride. For a tour on the enduro bike, the jacket becomes too warm. Nevertheless, a good protector jacket that is worth its price!

Troy Lee Designs UPV 3900 HW

The lightweight Troy Lee Designs UPV 3900 HW protector vest has a flat profile and is hardly noticeable under the jersey. The dense Bio-Foam on the chest, ribs and spine provides protection. The workmanship is typically TLD; very good and there are no threads sticking out. The vest is very flexible and comfortable to wear. The ventilation is very good and perfect for long enduro tours. Even after hours of riding the vest does not disturb. The protective effect is rather moderate due to the thin and flexible pads and should rather be preferred by touring riders or self-confident bikers. If you want to wear an inconspicuous upper body protector as a downhiller, you should have a lot of confidence in your own riding skills. Because the Troy Lee Design UPV 3900 HW protects you from light injuries and scratches. Nevertheless a nice protector vest at a good price.

Eike Kopsch

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