The best downhill shoes – FiveTen Freerider Test

Looking at the shoes of other bikepark visitors, it is noticeable that over 90% of them wear FiveTen shoes. Whether the FiveTen Mi6 are the best shoes for flat pedals, you will find out in this article.


Probably the best downhill shoes come from FiveTen. If you put the Freerider on you will notice that the material is very stiff and the workmanship is first class. But what makes a FiveTen shoe so good? Right, the sole! The dotted stealth sole is made of soft rubber that bites into the pins. You stand solidly on the pedal and even on rough tracks your foot doesn‘t lift off. The grip is phenomenal. The stiff sole has two advantages: on the one hand, the shoe does not bend around the pedal and is easy to pedal, on the other hand, it provides a certain protection. The only disadvantage of the stiff sole: the feeling towards the pedal is rather distant and not direct. Nevertheless, a good compromise between sensitivity and stiffness has been found.

The Freeriders are padded on the inside and keep your feet warm in winter. A second pair of socks is still recommended in snow. Even on a rainy day, the upper material ensures moisture repellency. After several hours of cycling in mud the socks stay dry. On warm summer days, the shoes do not heat up too much and dissipate the heat well from the foot.

The only thing to keep in mind with FiveTen is that the shoes should not be used in everyday life, as the soft stealth sole wears quickly on concrete. The model also comes in many other stylish colours, so there is something for everyone.


93 / 100


Very high grip
Water repellent
Good processing quality



The FiveTen Freeriders are by far the best all-rounders for flat pedals. The comfort is high and the grip on the pedals is more than good. No matter if you are on the road in summer or winter; the socks stay dry. All in all you have a stylish shoe at a reasonable price. FiveTen produces the best shoes in the mountain bike sector; therefore, you can buy and use all FiveTen shoes with similar good performance.

Eike Kopsch

Hauptberuflich als Videoproduzent tätig und hobbymäßig immer auf dem Bike unterwegs. Am liebsten fahre ich auf meinem Downhill- oder Endurobike flowige Trails runter. Zudem bin ich Co-Producer auf dem YouTube Kanal TrailTouch.