Bikepark Check: Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis in Austria

In this format we showcase you different bikeparks with all of it’s differences. Which trails does the park have to offer? How’s the service? What does it offer? How did the tracks suit our likings and what is the conclusion of the individual bikepark? Let’s go with the Bikepark Check powered by Platzangst.


Overall the bikepark offers 9 different tracks. Many of these trails come together again at certain parts of the mountain. Or even start from the middle of the descent. You can take the Waldbahn to get to the start of the descent. Once at the top, you can choose between the following trails: MILKY WAY, STRADA DEL SOLE or HILL BILL. Each of these trails are the starting point for the next decision. You meet this decision a few meters further down at the steel bridge, where some like-minded people usually come together. From there the game really starts.

What’s your wish for this ride? No matter which path you choose, even from this point on it is not a final decision. Because during the descent, the trails cross again and there are even new ones on the way. e.g. the DOWNHILL TRACK, MORNING GLORY or the FREERIDE TRAIL. If you couldn’t remember any of the names: no problem. Every route is clearly labeled and bikepark beginners are also well catered for. Because all routes are also marked with colors. These help to categorize the routes even better and to group them together. The blue coloured routes are the easiest ones in the park. There are hardly any obstacles on the route, most sections of the route are clearly visible and the slope is ideal for warming up and getting your brakes going. The color red is one level higher. Here you should look around carefully and especially inspect jumps from take-off to landing. In our opinion, the red routes in the Serfaus Bike Park offer a great mix for beginners and advanced riders. The final boss in the park is the color black. This is where the Hill Bill and Downhill routes are at home. Both routes contain steep sections, risky roots and some larger jumps. A beginner should avoid these routes. If you already feel more than comfortable on the red trails, you can take a look at the black trails. But keep in mind that this route is designated for experts and that you should therefore pay attention to the drivers behind you. If necessary, push your bike down besides the track and change the route. When you arrive at the bottom, more features of the bike park await you. Including: Training area, slopestyle, landing bag, pump track and the kids park.


So that’s what awaits you in Serfaus. But what about the trails? Are they good? We’ve tested all trails for you and would like to give you a brief overview of our trail highlights.

Trail overview

1. Milky Way – Beginner
2. Vuelta – Beginner
3. Morning Glory – Beginner

11. Strada del Sole – Intermediate
12. Supernatural – Intermediate
13. Freeride Trails – Intermediate
14. Supernatural 2.0 – Intermediate

21. Hill Bill – Pro
22. Downhill – Pro

Let’s start with the Hill Bill route. If you’ve been paying attention, you will know that this route starts right at the top. Here you have to concentrate directly from top, because it goes from 0 to 100 over the iconic house drop. Further down you will find technical root parts and also a few hidden northshore jumps and bridges. All in all, you can say the route is only really fun when you have made many descents on it. Because the track has more line options than any other route. The steep sections and record breaking root carpets don’t make things any easier. When it rains, this trail is often closed, which makes it an expert trail. The trail has many similarities to its neighbor Supernatural. Where we would be on the next route. Supernatural lives up to its name. This trail shines with naturalness. Not only does the route create real fairytale-like surroundings in certain parts, the trail is also generally provided with many natural gaps and jumps. Similar to the Hill Bill Trail, we would like to put this colleague in the love-hate category. Because at first the trail was kind of disappointing. But after a few descents, with the right choice of line, the true, “supernatural” character reveals itself. Very, very highly addictive and probably our favorite in the park. The downhill track is just as demanding but much more dangerous and faster. This trail also demands some descents to be loved. The trail offers almost everything a downhill track needs to include. Steep sections, some airtime, steep, large and tight curves, the perfect portion of roots and stones and real high-speed sections. On this trail you have to hold on to the handlebars and concentrate 100%. We would like to round off our trail highlights with the Strada del Sole and Freeride routes. These tracks have something for just about every driver. Big, long turns, Northshore elements, small and bigger jumps, wall rides. Yes, pretty much everything. All elements can also be bypassed, so that even beginners can get a glimpse of what is going on here. But you can also tell that these tracks are highly frequented, because these tracks also offer the most bumping waves. BUT: this route has to be part of a day in the Serfaus Bike Park.

Points // Trails

5 / 5 Punkte

We actually give the trails 5 out of 5 points. Because the park has almost everything you need. The only thing we’d miss would be a longer jump line. But that makes up for the trail maintenance and the large selection of lines on the individual routes.


Of course the lift should not be left out either. The Waldbahn takes you up the mountain quickly. The queue was manageable on our previous visits. Of course, longer waiting times are to be expected here on weekends and public holidays. Up to 3 bikes fit in one gondola. The lift starts at 1420 m and brings you up to 1840 m. In addition, the park offers a kind of automatic treadmill with which you can ride the slopestyle and the training area. The Schönjochbahn, for example, which takes you to the Frommestrail, should not go unmentioned. Unfortunately, this is not included in the ticket price – what a shame.

Points // Lift

4 / 5 Punkte

We give the lift service 4 out of 5 points. There would be 5 points if you can ride all trails with your ticket. Because even with the Gravity Card you can only have fun in the bike park at no extra charge.


If you are still wondering what the ambience and service in the park are like… The service offered by the bike park includes: bike wash, chill area & collation, free drinking water at the lift station, free parking spaces, as well as the bike shop with bike and gear rental.

The staff, as well as the trail shapers we met, were all nice and easy-going. The shop offers everything you need for a bike park day. Products such as Tires come at a proud price. We have also seen cheaper bike park shops. However, the park shop sometimes got some discounts to offer. The shop works with certain partners, which means that the selection is sometimes limited to just one brand. As mentioned at the beginning, the rental of protectors and bikes is also offered here. Important side note: camping is forbidden in the whole bikepark area.

Points // Service

4 / 5 Punkte

We give the service 4 out of 5 points. There are no 5 here because, in our opinion, the shop is relatively expensive and there is “only” one collation at the bike park.


For € 39.50 you can get a day ticket for adults in 2020. Young people pay € 31.00. € 20.50 children. 2 days get a little cheaper. The park also offers multi-day and season tickets. More information is available on the website. Since we did not rent any bikes or equipment, unfortunately we cannot give any feedback on price / performance in this area. All the more in terms of the price / performance of the trail offer. Even if we think it’s a shame that the single trails such as the Frommestrail are not included in the bike park ticket, we would like to give the park 4 out of 5 stars in this category. With the day ticket price, Serfaus is in the middle of the price range, so the part with the surrounding trail surcharges is forgivable. The trails in the bike park are definitely worth the price. Almost every trail is addictive, is mostly in good condition and every descent always reveals a new key point. You can easily spend several days, if not weeks, in this bike park.


This bike area is clearly on our favorites list. Every time we leave Serfaus, we have the feeling that we drove home too early. The trails offer new challenges on every descent. Every descent you feel a bit faster. It’s not just the wide range of routes that kills boredom. The ingenious selection of lines on routes like the Hill Bill also keep the adrenaline level permanently high. Meanwhile Serfaus gets to ride every year by us. If you haven’t been here yet, you should stop by. Beginners and advanced riders are well served. In addition to the bike park, Serfaus is also gradually expanding its network of single trails. Furthermore, the park already offers a great offer on the ground level with, for example, the Bag Jump or Kids Park. Events like the Serfaus Fiss Ladis MTB Festival are also told to be awesome.

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