One Ticket for three Parks? Bikepark Check: Dolomiti Paganella

We have been riding the Italian bike park Dolomiti Paganella, to check out the trails, lifts and the offer on site. In this Bikepark Check, we summarize the local conditions for you. Let’s go with the Bikepark Check powered by Platzangst.


When you hear the title „Dolomiti Paganella Bike“, you surely think of a bike park with trails where you can let it go. However, the trail offer includes a trail network of three bike parks: Fia della Paganella, Andalo and Molveno. The latter bike zone captivates with a huge lake, embedded in a tub of mountains. These bike zones are interconnected with the so-called „shared trails“, which can be reached via the lifts or by riding uphill.


The network extends over 13 bike park trails and 10 shared trails, which can be reached via the cable cars. Afterwards you ride down a shared trail to the next park.

Via the cable car you get to the entrance of five bike park trails. To warm up the first laps it is best to use the easiest trails, which are already marked with the difficulty level „Advanced“. For example, the trail „Peter Pan“ nevertheless attracts with serenity, because you are not forced to use all features. The characteristic is flowing almost without root fields or stones. The jumps are tables or smaller kickers, which can approached slowly. Alternatively, you can take the entire line in one flow. The berms are large and can be ridden well despite the dusty conditions. The trails cross at several points. So you can get from the first third „Peter Pan“ on the „Easy Rider“, which is designed just as flowy but definitely rougher in execution. If you take every jump here, the trail is fun.

It gets more difficult on the trail „Apocalypse Now“. The double black diamonds here indicate a professional trail. The line is loaded with a variety of root carpets, which follow from edge to edge. Large rock formations also challenge the rider‘s skills. Here the choice of lines is partly limited to a few challenging choices. Sometimes we preferred to push some sections. If you´re looking for hard downhill action, it is your trail.

If you want to warm up on all trails, you can plan two or more days.

Shared Trails

To get from one bike zone to the next, it‘s best to take the cable car to the top and choose one of the connecting trails. These stand out due to their natural character. In the shade of the trees, you wind your way down the mountain over carpets of roots. In order to arrive at the right destination, you can either look at the displayed overview maps and orient yourself by the trail signs, which point the way, or you can use the free Mowi smartphone app. The region is shown on a 3D map. Thus, one can also find information about the right lift and the appropriate trail.

Quite intense are the black diamond „Shared Trails“. The numerous scratch marks on the stones remind you that the line has to be performed pretty accurately. In blocked stone passages, this requires concentration and good bike handling. In tight turns, the rear wheel is shifted and ridden further the stone field. Although Niklas and I have been biking for 13 years now, this was sometimes too challenging for us. To arrive alive at the end of trail, we pushed the hardest parts, which could may be half the mountain. Then, in contrast to the challenge, it‘s pretty reliefing to be able to ride a section of the trail. Despite the dryness, some stone slabs are quite slick. For technical riders perhaps a dream of trails.


In the next bike zone Andalo you will find trails that are easier than the ones just presented. You can get off the lift cabin either at the middle station or top station. At the top, the Dolomites present themselves impressively. With the inscription „Hustle and Flow“ the next trail entices you to ride. At the beginning, it goes down the dry ski slopes at a fast pace until the route leads into the forest. The bike rolls through three wallrides. At the small waves you can pull off and circulate nicely through the trail. Here you will also find some tables. This way you work your way down the trail like a pinball. The trail ends at the middle station of the lift. Here you can either stop at the hut next aside or continue down the „Willy Wonka“.

This one seems like a smoother executed version of the „Hustle and Flow“. This trails also offers jumps and a flowy line. For the more willing bikers, features like wallrides or bigger tables invite you to play. The most famous feature from the whole region might be the spiral northshore, which rotates you one level down.
Personally, I could ride this trail all day. From the entrance of the „Hustle and Flow“ to the very bottom, one has then destroyed seven kilometers of track and 730 meters of altitude. Trail maintenance is good and every now and then you‘ll see shapers working on the trails. However, if you are looking for hard downhill action you should rather look for a „shared trail“ or look around in Fai.


The bike zone with the most beautiful view is probably Molveno, of the three. From Andalo you can simply ride down the road until you are greeted by a light blue lake, which has been let into the valley of the mountains. Also here the lift station is divided. From the middle station you can ride the „Blade Runner“ or take the seat lift further up to the „Big Hero“. This is of the trails from the entire region, the easiest. With a beginner‘s badge, you can explore the descent. This trail is slick and no rock dares to get in the way. Here you can enjoy the trail features and press your bike into the berms.

In the first quarter of the trail the landscape presents itself with a wonderful panorama. The rest of the route takes you over long, drawn-out berms, pumps and tables. Once you reach the middle station, the „Blade Runner“ takes you further down the mountain. This trail takes it up a notch in terms of difficulty. The berms, the complexity of the line and the size of the jumps take on a more intense form. The entrance is shaded by a dense roof of leaves. There are numerous roots here, which are also slippery in the rain. To get through here easily, you should choose your lines well. Over a wooden bridge it leads into the more flowy part. With open brakes, you can push yourself into the berms and will be tempted to jump over the tables. The trail winds through the trees and lets the adrenaline shoot higher. At the intermediate sections you can take a short break or switch to one of the shared trails. The „Blade Runner“ can be enormous fun. Even beginners will find their way around.

Points // Trails

5 / 5 Points

The basic characteristics of the trails are the same due to the close-knit nature of the region. In the sun it´s rocky and sandy. Every experience level will find trails for themselves here, as everything from easy and flowy lines to rough descents to balancing acts in tight chicanes are available. Most of the difficult trail features can be easily bypassed. The fact that some trails can be crossed also allows you to play a bit with the trail variation here. Five out of five points for the trail category.


In order to ride as many descentes as possible, it is logical to use the existing cable cars. In Molveno and Andalo, after showing your ticket at the ticket machine, you will find closed gondolas. Here you can fit in two people, and if you want three. On rainy days, it is customary to clean off your bike at the available bikewash stations before passing through the doors of the lift cabin. From the middle station, you continue in the same lift in Andalo. In Molveno you get into a chair gondola which climbs the mountain at a leisurely pace. In Fai della Paganella the gondola is bigger, can be loaded with three bikes and is faster. The lift will take you directly to the start of the bike park trails and most of the shared trails. During the week there is little going on, so you can actually get on the lift without queuing.

Points // Lift

5 / 5 Points

The ascent with the cable car works smoothly. That‘s why we give it five out of five points.


You notice that the topic of bicycles has grown into the region. At the hubs are bike stores, which offer a wide range of products as well as bike rental and a workshop. Equipped with the most important tools, there are service stations distributed for minor repairs. Also the electric supporters on the bike are supplied via charging stations. Plugs for the most known motor manufacturers are available. Comfortably at the restaurant you can let the battery recharge. Also the body is cooled down here with a drink and the muscles are supplied with food. The culinary offer is mostly very regional. From pizza, to cheese spaetzle, to a tiramisu with a hot espresso, you study your way through the menu. Vegetarians browse a little longer in here. Meat dishes are very popular here.

Those who have drunk too much hot choclate in the restaurant and are now incapable of riding a bike can settle down in one of the many hotels. If you stay at the „Bike Hotels“, they offer, among other things, storage for bicycles and discounts on bike rental and lift tickets. You can sleep more economically at the campsite in Molveno. The vibe in town is relaxed and you can chill down here in the evening while walking through the alleys.

Points // Service

4 / 5 Points

For the service category, we award four out of five points, due to the unilateral culinary offer.

Preis / Leistung

Of course, money plays a big role in choosing a bike trip. The current daily prices are 40€ for an adult, 28€ for teenagers and 20€ for children. With this you can ride in Molveno, Andalo and Fai. Cheaper are the tickets if you stay only in one bike zone or several days. Owners of a Gravitycard may simply walk through the turnstile at the lift station here.

Points // Preis / Leistung

4 / 5 Points

40€ is a proud price for a one-day lift ticket. To savor the entire area, you need several days anyway. A 95€ expensive three-day ticket costs thus broken down only scarcely 32€ for one day. That is absolutely reasonable. We give it four out of five points.


The trails are solidly built and well maintained. The lines are very variable and every group of bikers should have fun here. The price is okay for the offer. To get lost here in the Dolomites and try out the trails, as well as the ambience on site is definitely worth it.

Eike Kopsch

Hauptberuflich als Videoproduzent tätig und hobbymäßig immer auf dem Bike unterwegs. Am liebsten fahre ich auf meinem Downhill- oder Endurobike flowige Trails runter. Zudem bin ich Co-Producer auf dem YouTube Kanal TrailTouch.