Safety first! The best downhill helmets

No matter how you face the question „Which protectors should I wear?“ One thing is for sure: you definitely need a good helmet. As safety is the top priority with downhill helmets, we have tested 5 different models for you.

Purchase tip: Troy Lee D4

On trails or in the bike park, the popularity of the Troy Lee D3’s is obvious. The American company now presents the successor with the D4. The weight was optimized: the carbon version weighs about 1000gr. and the composite model is about 50gr. heavier. There are also 24 air vents on the helmet, so that the head remains cool even in summer. The look is typical Troy Lee: fancy design combined with edgy shape design. The helmet sits comfortably and firmly on the head, which contributes to a high sense of security. The pads inside are removable and can be replaced if necessary. The D3 sits very light on the head and is easy to wear. It is one of the best downhill helmets on the market! The only drawback would be the high price.

SixSixOne Reset

A good helmet under 80€? Does that work? Absolutely! The SixSixOne Reset shows how. The workmanship is surprisingly good. The helmet surrounds the head comfortably and gives a secure feeling. Even on rough trails, the Reset sits firmly and does not wobble around. The air intakes could have been larger in favor of better ventilation. The chin guard feels comparatively short and gives the feeling that the exhaled air is trapped in the helmet. The price/performance ratio is convincing and also offers beginners a solid helmet for a small budget.

Bell Full-9

Also seen with pleasure in the Downhill World Cup: the Bell Full-9. This downhill helmet feels incredibly safe as soon as you put it on. From the outside it may seem chunkier than a Troy Lee D4. To counteract rotational forces on impact, Bell relies on the MIPS system. The fit can be adjusted to the shape of the head with the replaceable pads inside. In addition, the pads can be pulled out from the outside in the event of a crash, making it as easy as possible to remove the helmet from the rider. Overall, the helmet sits very comfortably on the head. I have also fallen with the helmet: I was not seriously injured and on the Bell Full-9 only the replaceable visor is broken. Who can make friends with the motocross-like look, should get this helmet! Only the ventilation on hot summer days could be better. We have tested the composite variant. The Bell Full-9 is also available in a carbon version.

Leatt DBX 4.0

The approx. 870gr. light Leatt DBX 4.0 helmet is suitable for use on the enduro- or downhill bike thanks to the weight and the large ventilation holes. On the trail, the air is efficiently dissipated from the head. The replaceable pads sit firmly on the head and provide a firm support, even on the roughest trails. Especially practical on hot days: the mesh in the mouth is removable for better ventilation. Furthermore, the Leatt DBX 4.0 can be securely closed in a snap with the magnetic FidLock closure. Unfortunately, the visor is fixed in position, so that the goggle can not be pushed underneath. However, the 360° turbine pads make up for this: these counteract the rotational forces on impact and protect the head better.The concept works perfectly: on the enduro bike, the head remains comparatively cool and the feeling of safety is high.

POC Coron Air SPIN

The POC Coron Air SPIN offers the perfect balance of protection and well thought-out details. The unique selling point is probably the SPIN technology. If you hit the ground with the helmet, the gel pads work against the direction of the fall and thus minimize possible injuries. In addition, the visor folds up in the event of a fall, thus reducing the leverage effect on the head. If the helmet does not fit the head perfectly, the gel pads can be adjusted to the head with the supplied inserts. POC-typical is the minimalistic design and the perfect workmanship. The air inlets ensure a cool head even on hot summer days. Too bad that the POC Coron Air SPIN has a clip closure instead of a much safer DD-closure. Otherwise the Coron Air is the best downhill helmet in the price segment up to 250€ due to its nice details.

Eike Kopsch

Hauptberuflich als Videoproduzent tätig und hobbymäßig immer auf dem Bike unterwegs. Am liebsten fahre ich auf meinem Downhill- oder Endurobike flowige Trails runter. Zudem bin ich Co-Producer auf dem YouTube Kanal TrailTouch.