Mountainbike knee pads in comparison

The protection of the knee joints is extremely important, as serious injuries can occur in an emergency. Thus you`ll need a good knee protector. We compiled a list of the best knee pads for you.

Test winner: FOX Launch Pro D30

The knee pads from Fox appear stylish as known. The futuristic-looking protectors are pre-bent due to the hard shell and thus adapt well to the curvature of the knee. The D30 foam is found inside and provides good protection. The protection is reinforced by the skid plate which evenly distributes the force of the impact on the foam. Quasi the knight‘s armor of the modern biker. The FOX Launch Pro D30 are more expensive but very stylish and comfortable. Our personal test winner!

Purchase tip: iXS CARVE EVO+

The iXS CARVE EVO+ knee pads are established protectors in this category. The improved model features better ventilation, durability and comfort. The actual protective effect is provided by the Xmatter foam pad inside. A high level of shock absorption ensures a very defined knee protection. In addition, the upper shin is protected because the pads are pulled far down. The wearing comfort of the CARVE EVO+ is very good and even after a long tour the fit is guaranteed. Definitely a purchase tip.

Leatt 3DF 6.0

The theoretical construction of the Leatt Knee Guard 3DF 6.0 is similar to the Fox pads: hard plastic shell over 3DF foam. The 3DF foam hardens on impact and cushions the fall. The two-piece hard plastic shell and the pre-bent curve feel a little strange. The ventilation is good and ensures a cool knee even in summer. The foam provides a pleasant wearing comfort and the hard plastic shell protects very well. The stylish Leatt Knee Guard 3DF 6.0 joins the solid midfield.

O’Neal SINNER Kevlar Knee RACE Guard

The knee pad from the American company O’Neal is designed for the toughest downhill action. The protective function of the Sinner knee pad takes a foam pad that nestles around the knee and hardens in the event of an impact. On the front of the knee pad is a plastic plate that provides an extended protective function. On the complete side of the O’Neal schooner is a zipper attached, so that you can put on the knee pad without taking off the shoes beforehand. The fit is very good and in the event of a fall, the knee pad has not slipped. Overall, the Sinner Kevlar Knee Race Guard offers a good compromise between high protection and fit. However, the knee pad became uncomfortable after a few kilometers on the enduro bike, so we recommend the knee pad for short tours or on the downhill bike.

Eike Kopsch

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