4 mountainbike gloves in comparison!

Gloves have two main purposes in mountain biking: on the one hand they protect your hands when falling, on the other hand they promise more grip on the handlebars. Since gloves today all function at a similarly high level, we present 4 models that you should take a closer look at.

IXS Carve

The IXS Carve are thin gloves for a pure riding experience. The stretch material on the upper side fits tightly around the hand. The underside is made of imitation leather and provides a very good grip. It is also perforated to allow heat to escape. The index and middle fingers are equipped with rubber nubs to prevent slipping off the brake lever. Furthermore, the fingertips are touch-sensitive, so you can still operate your smartphone. Although the gloves do not have a velcro strap, they fit the hand perfectly.

The IXS Carve are gloves that offer good grip and a pure feeling to the handlebars. The protective function is virtually non-existent due to the thin material. Nevertheless good gloves!

FOX Defend

The FOX Defend comes with a unique look. The upper side is equipped with clarino surfaces, which repel lighter injuries. Nevertheless the flexibility is not limited. The underside is made of thin imitation leather, which is called „TruFeel“ by Fox. The feeling to the handle is very direct and almost feels as if you are not wearing a glove. The grip is additionally reinforced by rubber nubs on each finger. You can also use it to operate the touchscreen of your mobile phone. Because the Fox Defend is closed with a velcro fastener, it fits very well. Fox has created a super balancing act of design, grip and protection with the Defend gloves.

TroyLeeDesigns Air

TroyLeeDesigns is stylish as always. The logo can be seen three times on the glove. The surface is made of air-permeable stretch material. The trademark on the inside of the palm is rubberized for increased grip. The gloves are comfortable to wear and still provide a good feel to the grip. The quality of workmanship is first class. Due to the thin material, the protective function is virtually non-existent. The index and middle fingers are equipped with rubber strips which provide a good grip on the brake lever. The TroyLeeDesigns Air are super stylish gloves that are easy to wear.

Leatt DBX 1.0 GripR

Leatt‘s been in the clothing business for a while now. The fancy DBX 1.0 GripR come in many color combinations. The gloves do not need a velcro fastener, but still fit perfectly. The surface is made of elastic, air-permeable material that fits snugly around the hand. The thumb is surrounded by reinforced synthetic leather. The material of the gloves allows air to circulate well. The index and middle fingers are equipped with rubber for better grip, which is also recognized by the touch screen of the mobile phone. The Leatt DBX 1.0 GripR are super light, breathable gloves at a good price.

Eike Kopsch

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